UCaaS Features Glossary (formerly ENA SmartVoice)
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UCaaS Features Glossary (formerly ENA SmartVoice)

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Many of the features currently available with UCaaS (formerly ENA SmartVoice) are described below along with common telephony terms. Please note that some of these features are only available in certain packages.

911 Dial Notification

911 Dial Notification is an optional feature that will notify specified staff via email or text any time an emergency (911) call is made from a UCaaS service extension in the organization. Once the call has been completed, ENA by Zayo provides a second notification detailing the duration of the call. This second notification will help identify potential mis-dials versus true emergency calls.  

911 Notifications are enabled by your System Administrator.

Annoyance (Malicious) Call Trace

Call trace allows users to report a call of malicious nature by requesting that ENA by Zayo identify and register the source of the incoming call. Press *57 to activate the call trace of the last incoming call received.

Anonymous Call Blocking

Anonymous call blocking lets the user reject all calls from numbers with blocked caller IDs.

UCaaS users with Pro or Executive extensions have the option to request the caller state their name and then decide if they want to accept the call.

Auto Attendant

Presents callers with automated options that allow them to self-route, rather than having calls answered by a live person. Users record their own greetings and select options that are presented to callers.

The Premium Attendant is managed via the Administrator portal. 

Also known as AA, automated attendant, automatic phone menu, or virtual receptionist.

Automatic Call Return

Plays an announcement of the number of the last incoming call when *69 is dialed.

Busy Lamp Field/Enhanced Monitored Extension

  • Allows a user to see presence on a line they are monitoring. The light will be solid red when that person is on the phone.
  • Allows a user to answer a line they are monitoring. The light next to that line will flash green when there is an incoming call.
  • The button also acts as a speed dial to call that extension.
  • The button can be used to perform a one-touch blind transfer to that user.


The Customer Proprietary Network Information Authorization form is used to define the CPNI Administrator and CPNI Contacts within your organization.

The CPNI Administrator is the primary person who may receive information related to telephone calls (inbound, outbound, 911, etc.) and they may designate CPNI Contacts. While implementing new service, your Project Manager will provide the CPNI form or if you're an existing customer that needs to make an update, the CTAC may assist.

Call Forking

Call forking assigns multiple devices, up to six, to a single number so they all ring when a call comes in, making for easier call handling.

Available on Enhanced and Executive feature packages.

Also known as a main line appearance or line appearance.

Call Hold

Allows a user to place a caller on hold. While on hold the caller will hear the Messaging/Music on Hold file the administrator has selected.

Caller ID – Block/Unblock

Lets the user enter *67 to block their Caller ID on an outgoing call. Caller ID will still be visible on internal calls within your organization.

Call Forward to Voicemail

Lets the user forward all their calls directly to voicemail without ringing their desk phone.

Call Forward No Answer

All calls are forwarded to another number when not answered.

  • May be set up in the user portal for all UCaaS feature packages.
  • Also enabled/disabled via the phone for all UCaaS packages except Pro and Executive.
    • Pro and Executive extensions use the Reach Me function in the UCaaS User Portal
    • Dial *92<number> to enable and dial *93 to disable.

Call Forward Unconditional or Immediately

All calls are forwarded to another number immediately, without ringing the desk phone.

  • May be set up in the user portal for all UCaaS feature packages
  • Also enabled/disabled via the phone for all UCaaS packages except Pro and Executive.
    • Pro and Executive extensions use the Reach Me function in the UCaaS User Portal.
    • Dial *72<number> to enable and dial *73 to disable.

Call Forward Unavailable

Automatically forwards an extension to a specified number should the phone become unregistered.

This feature may be enabled/configured in the administrator or user portal for all UCaaS feature packages.

Call Park

Call Park allows the user to place an active call in a hold state on an available park orbit, where it can be retrieved from any other UCaaS service extension in the building. Orbits are set up by the System Administrator.

Calls may be parked using two methods:

  • Dial *98 during a transfer
  • A preconfigured Call Park button

Call Park Pickup

Used to retrieve a call that has been placed in a park orbit. You will need to know the orbit number it was parked on to retrieve the call.

Parked calls may be retrieved using two methods:

  • Dial *99<orbit code> from an ENA by Zayo phone
  • A preconfigured Call Park button

Call Pickup - Directed

Users pick up a call ringing at a specific extension using *53<extension>. This feature may also be assigned to an available button on the phone.

Call Pickup Groups are set up by the System Administrator.

Call Pickup - Group

Group Call Pickup allows the user to pick up a call that is currently ringing at any of the phones in the user's call group using *54. This feature may also be assigned to an available button on the phone.

Call Pickup Groups are set up by the System Administrator.

Call Recording – Hosted Cloud Recording

All of the calls to and from extensions with Hosted Cloud Recording are automatically recorded, stored in the cloud, and accessible from anywhere via the easy-to-use website.   

Also known as always-on-call recording, automatic call recording, or cloud recording.

Call Recording – Local Call Recording

Local Call Recording allows users to start and stop recording individual calls to a USB drive inserted in the back of the phone. Users may access recordings from the phone or take the USB drive to a computer and access them from there. 

This feature is only supported on phones equipped with a USB slot in the back.

Local call recording is enabled by the System Administrator.

Call Reports

Reporting, accessible through the Administrator Portal, provides statistics derived from the phone system usage.

Support teams may also provide detailed call reports for your UCaaS service.

Also known as call detail records or CDR.

Call Scheduling (Time of Day/Day of Week)

Enables Pro or Executive users to create a custom schedule that specifies different call forwarding treatments based on the time of day and day of the week.

Call Waiting

Tone to alert the user they are receiving another call while they are on the phone.

Caller ID – Block/Unblock

Enter *67 before dialing a telephone number to block the Caller ID on an outgoing call. Caller ID will still be visible on internal calls within the organization.


Users can initiate a call via the UCaaS user portal. When they click Call, the system will call their desk phone. When they answer, the system will then dial the number they are calling.


Direct Inward Dialing. The 10-digit phone number assigned to a specific extension. DIDs may be accessed directly and don’t require callers to dial a main number.


Do Not Disturb is a softkey on the phone that sends incoming calls directly to voicemail.

Except, the DND button on a phone with an Executive feature package will reject the call rather than send it to voicemail. For those with an Executive feature package, set up when I receive a call: send to voicemail in the User Portal instead.

Distinctive Ringing

With Distinctive Ringing enabled, the user will hear a double ring for calls from internal parties and a single ring for calls from external parties. Distinctive ringing does not let you assign different ring tones to different numbers. For all phones, external calls play a single ring and internal calls have a double ring. 

Note: If the user has multiple lines on their phone and wants each line to play a different ring tone, then Distinctive Ringing will need to be disabled.

Distinctive ringing is enabled by the System Administrator.

Enhanced Monitored Extension

Enhanced monitored extensions are buttons on your phone that provide multiple functions:

  • The LED on the line key allows the user to visually monitor activity on that line.
  • Allows a user to answer a line they are monitoring, depending on UCaaS feature package.
  • The button acts as a speed dial to call that extension.
  • The button may be used to perform a one-touch blind transfer.

Enhanced Monitored Extensions are added in the Administrator or User Portals.

Also known as EME, busy lamp field, or BLF.


A four, five, or six-digit number assigned to all internal extensions. To outside callers, extensions are accessible from a main number directed to an operator or auto attendant. Within the organization, extension dialing may be utilized.

Extension Dialing

Dialing by extension allows you to reach an internal extension by dialing a shorter set of digits (typically 4, 5, or 6) instead of a typical 10-digit number.

Also known as station-to-station or abbreviated dialing.

Find Me Follow Me

An advanced call forwarding setup that allows the user to forward calls to a predetermined list of other telephone numbers. Incoming calls may be configured to ring multiple phones in order or simultaneously for a specified ring time.

Available with Enhanced and Executive feature packages.

Hunt/Rollover Groups

Hunt Groups automatically ring multiple phones when a lead number or extension is dialed. The system routes callers to available members of the hunt group automatically without the caller having to hang up and call multiple people to find someone who is available.

Hunt Groups are managed in the Administrator Portal.

Also known as multi-line hung groups, MLHG, rollover groups, or ring groups.


Letter of Agency or Letter of Authorization. A document that authorizes ENA by Zayo to act on your behalf when it comes to communications matters.

The FCC requires the form when a new service provider requests porting numbers from the existing carrier.

Live Message Screening

Allows a user to listen in as someone leaves a voicemail on their extension and press a button to be connected to the caller.

Available with the Executive feature package.

Messaging/Music On Hold

Administrators have the ability to upload their own Messaging and/or Music on Hold files to play when callers are placed on hold. This is a great way to advertise various activities and events taking place within the organization.

Music on Hold is managed via the Administrator Portal.

One-to-Many paging

Administrators have the ability to configure up to 25 paging zones to allow for one-way broadcast messages to be sent using the speaker on the phones. Administrators set permissions for who is allowed to transmit to each zone and which users will subscribe/listen for each zone.

Online Interface

From any connected web browser, authorized personnel may access the online Administrator Portal. From there, administrators may perform real-time user management, see call logs, create new call groups, manage auto attendants and hunt groups, unlock and change PINs, configure phones, and perform almost any other administrative task.

Online User Interface

The online User Portal allows staff to manage their own UCaaS service. They can listen to/forward/delete voicemails, change call forwarding settings, view call logs, configure their phone, and more.


PSAP, or Public Safety Answering Point, is a call center that has been designated to receive 911 calls and route them to emergency service personnel.

Pinpoint 911

The add-on Pinpoint 911 service feature leverages Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers to provide more granular location information, like the specific room number, to the PSAP, ensuring local emergency personnel are dispatched to the correct physical address plus location every time.


The process to transfer your current telephone number or numbers from the existing service provider to ENA by Zayo. 

Remote Click-to-Call

Allows Pro or Executive users, with an Internet browser, to make calls through the UCaaS service even if they are not using a phone that is part of the service. The user initiates a call in the user portal and tells the system the number of the phone they would like to use. The system will call them at that number and then once connected, will call the other party. The call appears to be coming from the user’s desk phone number.


An attachment to the telephone which provides additional buttons programmed in the online portal. The sidecar is an optimal solution for receptionists and other power users who manage and monitor multiple calls on a daily basis.

Also known as an expansion module.

Smart Call Forwarding

Smart Call Forwarding enables the Pro or Executive user to create sophisticated call treatment options based on a matrix of information, including the phone number of the incoming caller. In this way, Smart Call Forwarding allows users to route different callers to different locations based on the user's preference. 

For instance, the user may wish to have most calls ring their desk phone, then, if the call is unanswered, go to voicemail.

However, if certain people call, the user may wish the call to go to their desk phone, forwarded to a cell phone, then even to a home phone before being sent to their work voicemail. Using Smart Call Forwarding, the user essentially is able to invoke different call forwarding treatments based on who is calling.

Conference Bridge Service

This IP-based audio-conferencing service allows multiple callers to dial into a conference bridge that is managed by an online moderator portal. 

The portal provides an easy way to control conference sessions, including the ability to see who has joined the call, mute callers, change call volumes, and remove callers from the conference call. The portal also includes call recording functionality, with the ability to download recordings later as a .wav file.

Station to Station or Abbreviated Dialing

Allows users to dial only the extension when calling other users within their organization on the UCaaS service.

Also known as extension dialing.

UCaaS Mobile (formerly ENA SmartUC Mobile)

Mobile is our unified communications solution that delivers integrated HD calls using your UCaaS number.  Access contacts, check voicemail, change settings, video conferencing, instant messaging, presence, SMS texting and more from our seamless iOS and Android application.

Features are package dependent.

UCaaS Desktop (formerly ENA SmartUC Desktop)

Desktop puts the functionality of your desk phone onto your Windows or MacOS computer. You can make and receive calls using your UCaaS number, hold calls, transfer calls, and conference in a third party.

Desktop uses the Wi-Fi, broadband, or mobile data services available and connected to your computer.

UCaaS Meet (formerly ENA SmartUC Meet)

Meet is our video conferencing feature that empowers staff and teams to stay connected with virtual meeting rooms. Instantly host, schedule, or join HD interactive video meetings from your phone or desktop.

Meet is an optional add-on to UCaaS.

Speed Dials

Allows users to assign two-digit codes to numbers they call often, to allow for speedy dialing.

Three-way Conference

Bridge up to three parties on the same call using the buttons/soft keys on the phone without the need for a conference bridge.

Transfer - Blind

Provides the ability to transfer the caller to another person without the need to “announce” the caller. This form of transfer sends through the original Caller ID.

Also known as an unattended transfer.

Transfer – Consultative

Allows the user to have a private conversation with the person they want to transfer a caller to, prior to completing the transfer. Offers the ability to cancel the transfer if the recipient isn’t available or doesn’t want to talk to the caller.

Also known as a warm or announced transfer.

Transfer – Directly to Voicemail

Allows the user to transfer a caller directly into a user’s voicemail box without ringing the user’s phone.

User Controlled CLIR

Calling Line Identification Restriction permanently set the caller ID block or unblock status, rather than using a star code on each individual call.

If sending SMS or IM with UCaaS, CLIR cannot be used.


Provides a mailbox to allow callers to leave messages, without the need for the main answering point to manually take messages for the user. 

Voicemail is also available as a standalone service.

Voicemail to Email

A feature that sends a notification to the specified email account, or accounts, that you’ve received a new voicemail. The message is included as an audio, .wav file, attachment.

Voicemail to Email may be managed via the Administrator or User Portal.

Voicemail Transcription

Users may elect to have their voicemails transcribed into text, so they can read voicemail messages in addition to or instead of listening to them. 

Included with Enhanced and Executive feature packages. Also available as an add-on feature for the Essential package.

Voicemail Transcription is enabled by the System Administrator.

Weather Alerts

UCaaS offers the ability to display weather alerts on Poly IP phones. Downloaded directly from the National Weather Service (based on customers’ individual weather zones), the weather information refreshes every five minutes. Due to screen size limitations, this feature is not available on all phone models.

Weather is enabled by the System Administrator.

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