Report Navigator
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Report Navigator

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What is Report Navigator

Report Navigator is an exclusive reporting tool meticulously designed for a select group of customers with unique requirements surpassing standard customers. This powerful tool consolidates a range of essential reports, including uptime, Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), IP Service Level Agreements (IP SLA), and case information. By centralizing these crucial metrics, Report Navigator empowers users to effectively monitor and analyze their equipment's performance. However, the data provided is not real-time but reflects the previous day's information, ensuring users have a comprehensive view of past performance trends.

Access to Report Navigator is granted only upon request and contingent on equipment compatibility, ensuring that only those with the necessary infrastructure can leverage its advanced reporting capabilities. This tailored approach guarantees that the tool meets the specific needs of customers who require detailed and precise performance insights. By offering this specialized service, Report Navigator caters to a niche market, providing in-depth data analysis and reporting that empowers users with enhanced operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities.

Service Overview

The Service Overview module of Report Navigator provides a comprehensive snapshot of your service metrics, including uptime, Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), and IP Service Level Agreement (IP SLA) information. Designed to deliver historical performance data, this tool allows users to analyze trends and review service details from the previous day rather than offering real-time updates. This historical data perspective ensures that users can identify patterns and make informed decisions based on past performance.

A key feature of the Service Overview module is its adjustable time interval toggle, enabling users to specify and review data for particular periods. Whether you're looking to examine a specific day, week, or month, this flexibility allows for targeted analysis of your service metrics. By providing detailed and adjustable historical data, the Service Overview module helps users maintain a clear and precise understanding of their service performance over time.


The Uptime Widget in the Report Navigator displays the percentage of uptime for all measurable ENA services. This widget offers a clear and concise overview of service availability, helping users quickly assess the reliability and performance of their services. By presenting this critical metric in an easily understandable format, the Uptime Widget enables users to monitor service health and ensure that their systems are operating efficiently.


The Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) in Report Navigator provides the average time to repair any service interruptions across all measurable ENA services. This widget offers a straightforward and insightful overview of the efficiency and effectiveness of the repair processes. By showcasing this key metric, the MTTR Widget helps users understand the responsiveness and maintenance quality of their services, ensuring that issues are resolved promptly to minimize downtime and maintain optimal performance.

Average Jitter

The Average Jitter in Report Navigator displays the average variation in packet arrival times for all measurable ENA services. This widget provides a clear indicator of network stability and performance, helping users identify potential issues that could affect the quality of real-time communications. By monitoring average jitter, users can ensure their network maintains consistent and reliable performance, minimizing disruptions and ensuring optimal user experiences.

Average Packet Loss

The Average Packet Loss in Report Navigator shows the average percentage of data packets that fail to reach their destination across all measurable ENA services. This widget is crucial for assessing the network's health and reliability. High packet loss can significantly impact service quality, so by monitoring this metric, users can identify and address network issues promptly to ensure data integrity and efficient communication.

Average Latency

The Average Latency in Report Navigator provides the average time it takes for data packets to travel from the source to the destination across all measurable ENA services. This widget is essential for evaluating the speed and responsiveness of the network. By tracking average latency, users can detect delays that might affect service performance, enabling them to optimize network configurations and maintain high-speed, low-latency connections for improved service quality.

Bandwidth Threshold

The Bandwidth Threshold in Report Navigator provides detailed insights into bandwidth usage for specific sites, highlighting instances when predefined thresholds are reached. These thresholds are established based on customer feedback, ensuring they are tailored to meet each user's unique needs and expectations. The Bandwidth Threshold Report enables customers to identify potential bandwidth constraints, optimize resource allocation, and maintain efficient network performance by monitoring and reporting on these critical metrics. This proactive approach helps prevent service degradation and ensures network capacity aligns with user demands.

The Bandwidth Threshold Report in Report Navigator provides a comprehensive analysis of bandwidth usage across customer sites, detailing the capacity of each circuit and indicating when usage exceeds critical thresholds. The report categorizes bandwidth usage into three key thresholds based on predefined customer feedback:

70%-80% Threshold

This section highlights sites where bandwidth usage is between 70% and 80% of the circuit's capacity, signaling a potential need for monitoring as usage approaches higher levels.

80%-90% Threshold

This section identifies sites where bandwidth usage falls between 80% and 90% of the circuit's capacity, indicating significant utilization that may require attention to prevent congestion and ensure optimal performance.

Greater than 90% Threshold

This section flags sites where bandwidth usage exceeds 90% of the circuit's capacity, alerting customers to critical usage levels that may impact service quality and necessitate immediate action.

By providing these detailed insights, the Bandwidth Threshold Report enables customers to proactively manage bandwidth allocation, prevent service interruptions, and maintain efficient network operations.

Export to CSV

Customers can export data for selected sites within a chosen date range, displaying the bandwidth thresholds for each site.

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