ENA NetShield VPN
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ENA NetShield VPN

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Utilizing industry-standard security appliance architecture, the ENA NetShield hosted firewall service leverages ENA’s national backbone to deliver a fully managed and highly available security service. For assistance with advanced firewall service, unified threat management, or anything other than ENA NetShield VPN, contact the ENA CTAC.

Connecting to your network via ENA NetShield VPN

Prior to activating your ENA NetShield VPN, your ENA Project Manager will provide you or your TC with the following:

  • IP address for your VPN connection
  • Group name
  • Shared Secret/Pre-shared key

Connecting on a machine running Mac OS 10.6 or later

Setting Up Your ENA NetShield VPN Connection

  1. Open System Preferences in the Apple menu.001_VPN_Mac_OS_set_up_open_preferences
  2. Open Network.002_VPN_Mac_OS_set_up_select_network
  3. Click the plus sign.003_VPN_Mac_OS_set_up_click_plus_sign
  4. Select VPN from Interface drop down menu.
  5. Select Cisco IPSec from VPN Type drop down menu.
  6. Type in the Service Name of your choice.004_005_006_VPN_Mac_OS_set_up_interface_VPN_type_service_name
  7. Enter the Server Address.
  8. Enter your network Account Name.
  9. Enter your network Password.007_008_009_VPN_Mac_OS_set_up_server_address_account_name_password
  10. Click Authentication Settings.010_VPN_Mac_OS_set_up_click_authentication_settings
  11. Enter the Shared Secret.
  12. Enter the Group Name.
  13. Click OK.011_012_013_VPN_Mac_OS_set_up_enter_shared_secret_group_name_click_ok

Starting an ENA NetShield VPN Session

  1. Open System Preferences in the Apple menu.001_VPN_Mac_OS_set_up_open_preferences1
  2. Open Network.002_VPN_Mac_OS_set_up_select_network1
  3. Highlight the VPN network and click Connect.003_VPN_Mac_OS_start_session_click_connect
  4. Enter your network Account Name and Password.
  5. Click OK.004_005_VPN_Mac_OS_start_session_enter_username_and_password_click_OK
  6. If the connection was successful, status will show as Connected.006_VPN_Mac_OS_start_session_status_connected

Connecting on a machine running Windows OS using Shrew Soft

Setting Up Your ENA NetShield VPN Connection

  1. Download the most current version of Shrew Soft from www.shrew.net/download/vpn.001_download_most_current_version_of_shrewsoft
  2. Open the installer.002_open_shrewsoft_exe
  3. Click Next.003_click_next_to_start_wizard
  4. Select Standard Edition and click Next.004_click_standard_edition
  5. If you accept terms of License Agreement, click I Agree.005_accept_license_agreement
  6. Click Next.006_choose_components
  7. Click Next.007_choose_install_location
  8. Click Finish.008_click_finish
  9. Open the VPN Access Manager.009_open_VPN_Access_Manager
  10. Click Add.010_click_Add
  11. Under the General tab, type in the Host Name.
  12. Select ike config pull from the Auto Configuration drop down menu.011_012_enter_host_name_select_auto_config1
  13. Under the Authentication tab, select Mutual PSK+XAuth from the Authentication Method drop down menu.013_authentication_method
  14. Under Local Identity choose Key Identifier from the Identification Type drop down menu.014_identification_type
  15. Type the Group Name in the Key ID String field.015_key_ID_string
  16. Under Credentials, enter the Pre-Shared Key.016_pre-shared_key
  17. Under the Phase 2 tab, select group 2 in the PFS Exchange drop down.017_Phase_2
  18. Click Save.018_save

Starting an ENA NetShield VPN Session

Open the VPN Access Manager.


Click on network to select.


Click Connect.


Enter your network Username and Password.


Click Connect.


If connection is successful, will see tunnel enabled status.


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