Music or Messaging on Hold
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Music or Messaging on Hold

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Music on Hold allows you to customize what is played while callers are on hold with pre-recorded messages or music. 

At deployment, all lines in your ENA SmartVoice business group are mapped to the default Music on Hold resource. You may map all lines in your business group or sub-departments (locations) to a different pre-loaded resource or upload and map to your recordings.

Playing music to callers on hold is considered a "public performance" and risks infringing the copyright of composers or artists. You must obtain appropriate licenses to transmit copyrighted music over your telephone system as Music on Hold.
ASCAP or BMI can provide more information on obtaining licenses for the public performance of copyrighted music or lyrics.

You can access the music on hold settings in the ENA SmartVoice Administrator Portal.
Login to the Admin Portal
Select the Music on Hold tab to access your settings. 

At the top of the Music on Hold landing page, there are three tabs:

  1. Security - Use this to view and configure your Security settings
  2. Mappings - This section allows you to configure different recordings to be played when lines within your business group put callers on hold
  3. Resources - Use this to upload and manage your recordings
    Note: The Resources tab will not be available if you're an administrator for a specific site or location and not the entire business group.


As well as accessing the Music on Hold through the ENA SmartVoice Administrator Portal, you also have access via your phone (for instructions, See Phone Access below).
Here’s where you can update the password to manage Messaging on Hold using the telephone rather than the ENA SmartVoice Administrator portal.

To update the Password:
Click on the Security tab
Type in the new password for telephone access and click Apply


Mappings is where you assign the Messaging on Hold resources callers will hear while on hold. You can assign a recording to all lines in your business group or different recordings for each line.

When you click the Mappings tab, you will see the mappings for the business group.
The Default is listed first and does not include a directory number. The default applies to all numbers except those that are listed with their own mapping.
The Mappings tab also shows how many individual mappings you can create.


Sub-departments are individual locations, or sites, within your business group.
To manage resources for a line in that sub-department, click on the link for that sub-department.


Each mapping has the editable options below. Press Override (for default) or Edit to open the editable fields.
Tip: If using your own recordings, add them as a Resource first. They appear as an option in the Resource drop-downs after being uploaded. 

  • Initial resource:  Recording that plays when a call is placed on hold
  • Follow-up resource:  Optional recording that may be played depending on the action
  • Action options:
    1. Repeat- Initial recording played continuously
    2. Play once – Initial recording is played once, then the follow-up resource is played continuously
    3. Repeat-initial interrupted – The initial recording is interrupted at set times by the follow-up recording. This is typically used to interrupt the music with an announcement (e.g., thank you for holding).
    4. Repeat-follow-up interrupted – The initial recording plays first, then the follow-up recording plays while continually interrupted by the initial recording.
  • Start point: Indicates if the recording will start at the beginning (Start) or if it should start at a random part of the recording (Random)
  • Duration:  Used by both Repeat – Follow-up actions to indicate how often the repeated recordings should be interrupted. 

Add a Mapping

To add a mapping, use the drop-down menus to select the Directory Number, Resource, Action, and Start Point.
Click the Add button.

Modifying a Mapping

Follow these steps to modify either a default mapping or mapping for a line:
You cannot modify the phone number of a mapping. Instead, remove it and add a new mapping.

Click Edit or Override (for default) to open the editable fields
Click Save when finished

 Removing a Mapping

To remove a mapping, click the Delete button on the right.
You cannot delete the default mapping, but you may override, edit, or revert to the original ENA default.


Access and manage music on hold recordings under Resources.
Each resource has a Resource ID (a two-digit number), which identifies it in the Telephone Admin Interface, a short description, and the play length in seconds. 

Note: Business Group Administrators may upload new Messaging on Hold resources. Those with Administrator access to a specific site or location do not have access to this tab.

Global Media List

The Global Media List section specifies any default recordings available for your use.
Resources in the Global Media List cannot be deleted.

 Your Recordings

For resources you have uploaded, the screen also displays the resource file size and the volume gain that will be applied to the resource. The volume gain allows you to control the volume level at which each resource is played. This can be useful if you want to use an existing recording but are not pleased with the volume.

 Upload Your Recording

To add your own recording to the available resources:

  1. Enter an ID for the recording in the ID text box
    1. The ID must be between 10 and 99
  2. Add a description for the recording in the Description text box
  3. Click Browse to choose the file you wish to upload (.wav or .mp3 formats)
  4. Click Add to add the file

Editing Your Resource

You may change the description of your recording or the volume (with gain).

  • Press Edit
  • You may type in a new Description in the description text box
  • Or select a new Gain value from the drop-down list (+ increases and – decreases volume)
  • Click Save when finished editing

Play a Recording

To play a recording you have uploaded, click on the ID or Description of the recording.
The recording will play at the original volume and Gain has no impact when played through the portal.

Remove a Recording

Click Delete to the right of a recording you wish to delete.

Phone Access

The Music on Hold telephone interface allows staff to manage Music on Hold over the telephone instead of through the online administrator portal.
You can listen to music or other recordings, as well as create, change, or delete your own recordings.

Getting Started

  1. Dial the access number, 615-800-4381
  2. Enter the account number – the ten-digit number used to log in to the Administrator Portal
  3. Enter your password – that’s your Administrator Portal password. Or you can set the PIN for phone access (see the Security section above).

Using the Telephone Interface

Follow the prompts to work on your Music or Messaging on Hold. The top menu options are described below.
Press* at any time to go back to the previous menu.

  • To listen to the resource for default mapping
    The default recording plays; this is for all lines that do not have their own mappings
  • To listen to the Resource for a specific directory number mapping
    Enter the ten-digit number for the line and you will hear recordings mapped to it
  • To listen to a Global Resource
    To listen to the recordings in the Global Media List; you will need the two-digit ID
  • To manage an existing local resource
    Edit recordings you've added to the system; you will need the two-digit ID
  • To record a new local resource
    Record a new resource over the phone

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