ENA SmartVoice Go is now ENA SmartUC

Please be advised, ENA SmartVoice Go is being replaced with ENA SmartUC.

In addition to a brand new look and feel, our rebranded ENA SmartUC app has been updated with new features that further enhance communications and collaboration.

If you are currently using ENA SmartVoice Go Desktop, please update your ENA SmartVoice Go Desktop client when prompted.

ENA SmartUC Desktop

ENA SmartUC Desktop is our unified communications solution that delivers the seamlessly integrated cloud calling, video conferencing, instant messaging, presence, SMS texting, and collaboration features your organization needs to operate virtually and collaborate from your Mac or PC desktop.

System Requirements


Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 or MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or later
Processor 2GHz processor or higher
Memory 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space 300MB (Does not include space used for local recording)

Audio and Video

We recommend using an external video camera, external headset, or external speaker and microphone, rather than the computer's built-in speaker, microphone, and camera.

ENA SmartUC Desktop works with the following types of external devices:

  • Dual-jack multimedia headset
  • Bluetooth® multimedia headset
  • USB multimedia headset
  • USB phone
  • USB video camera

Download and Log In

  1. Download ENA SmartUC Desktop.

    Click here to download Windows client.

    Click here to download MacOS client.

    Note: If you receive an error when attempting to run ENA SmartUC on your MacOS desktop for the first time, please right click the ENA SmartUC app in your Finder window, click Open, then click Open again in the dialog box.

  2. When prompted, enter your full 10-digit ENA SmartVoice phone number and account password.
  3. Note: If you have a four, five, or six-digit extension rather than a full 10-digit phone number, include your customer prefix. If you do not know your customer prefix, contact your system administrator.

  4. Enter your account password.

    Your account password is also used to log in to your ENA SmartVoice End User Portal. If you do not have your account password, contact your system administrator.

Change Your Account Password

  1. Click File.
  2. Click Change Password.
  3. Follow the prompts.

Manage Audio Devices

Windows OS

  1. Click Tools.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Click Audio.

Mac OS

  1. Click ENA SmartUC Desktop in the menu bar.
  2. Click Preferences.
  3. Click Audio.

Call Manager

Note: Call management options vary depending on the feature package assigned to your ENA SmartVoice extension.

Call Manager in ENA SmartUC Enhanced Feature Package

To open your Call Manager, click your name to open the drop-down menu.

Do Not Disturb

When your extension is set to Do Not Disturb, calls will be forwarded immediately to your voicemail.

If you select Allow calls from the Priority Callers list, calls from those extensions will ring through to your extension when Do Not Disturb is active.

To designate Priority Callers, click View all settings in the drop-down. When Do Not Disturb is active, click priority callers to open and manage the list.

Ring Your Phones in Order/Together

You may select these options in the Call Manager drop-down.

To configure these options, click View all settings in the Call Manager drop-down. Select the option you would like to configure from the Incoming calls drop-down.

Call Manager in ENA SmartUC Executive Feature Packages

To open the Call Manager, click Tools, then Call Manager.

Ring my phone

This is the default setting. When selected, calls to your number or extension will ring your phone.

When calls are set to ring your phone, you may set Additional options for calls you don't answer or calls that come in while you are in a call. You may also record or upload a custom ringback tone.

Forward to

Select a number from the drop-down menu or enter a new number to forward all calls immediately.

Send to voicemail

Click the radio button to send all calls to voicemail.

Note: Use this option rather than Do Not Disturb to send all calls to voicemail for extensions with the Executive feature package. The DND button on a phone with an Executive feature package assigned to the extension will reject the call rather than send it to voicemail.

Use rules

Select a set of previously created rules from the drop-down to apply them to incoming calls.

Click Rules to create a New Set of Rules or to Add New Rule to an existing set.

Handle depending on the time or day

Apply different call handling rules to different schedule periods.

Click Weekly Schedule to create regular schedule periods.

Click Special Days to designate holidays or other days to which to apply specific rules.

Place Calls

When you place a call, the caller ID appears as your ENA SmartVoice number.

From Dialer

  1. Place cursor in Enter name or number field and use the onscreen dialpad or your desktop keyboard to type in the number.
  2. Click or, if dialpad is open, click Call.

From Contacts

  1. Click Contacts.
  2. Roll your mouse over contact name and click .

From Recent

  1. Click Recent.
  2. Roll your mouse over a recent call and click .

Receive Calls

Single Call

When you receive a call to your ENA SmartVoice number, the call will appear on your desktop with the option to Accept or Reject the call.

Second Call

When you are on an active call and you accept a second call, the first call is automatically placed on hold.

Transfer Calls

Blind Transfer

If you would like to send a call directly to a recipient without speaking to the recipient first:

  1. When you are on an active call, click the blue arrow transfer icon in the active call window.
  2. Click the name of the transfer recipient in your contact list or enter number in the Enter name or number field.
  3. Click Transfer Call.

Consultative Transfer

If you would like to speak to the recipient before transferring the caller:

  1. When you are on an active call, place a call to the transfer recipient by selecting them from the contact list or entering the number in the Enter name or number field in the main window.
  2. When the transfer recipient answers, the original call is automatically placed on hold.

  3. You see an active call window for both callers. Click the transfer icon in the window of the call to be transferred.
  4. Click on the transfer recipient’s name in the drop-down to complete the transfer.

Conference in Third Party

If you would like to conference in a third party:

  1. When you are on an active call, roll your mouse over the active call window and click the plus sign to Add participant.
  2. In the Add Participants window, place a call to the third party by selecting them from the contact list or entering the number in the Enter name or number field in the main window.
  3. Click Add.

Merge Calls

When you are on an active call and have a second caller on hold, click the merge icon in the call window of either call to merge the calls into a three-party conference call.


Set Up Voicemail

The first time you access the Message Center, the system will walk your through your voicemail setup.

To initialize your voicemail, dial *318 from ENA SmartUC Desktop and follow the prompts.

Manage Voicemail

Click to listen to and manage voicemail.


Note: Availability is dependent on feature package.

Chats with external contacts are handled differently than chats with other ENA SmartUC users.

Chats with external contacts use SMS (Short Message Service) protocol and are text only.

Chats with other ENA SmartUC users use a P2P (peer-to-peer) IM (Instant Message) protocol and may include media (photos, files, and video) in addition to text. You may also create group chats with other ENA SmartUC users.

Note: You see SMS or IM next to numbers and contacts to denote the type of protocol being used.

Chat with a Single Person

Click the chat icon for any call or contact to initiate a chat with that individual, or Enter name or number and click Chat.

Note: If the feature package on your account, does not include SMS, you do not see the chat option for external numbers.

Create Group Chat

Click New Group Chat under File menu or click Add Participants in an active chat window.


Note: Availability is dependent on feature package.

Note: When you invite non-ENA SmartUC users to a meeting, they are prompted to download ENA SmartUC. Once downloaded, participant will tap Join a Meeting rather than log in.

Create a Meeting

Click Meetings on the home screen or .

Schedule a Meeting

Click Meetings on the home screen or .

Join a Meeting

Click Meetings on the home screen.

View Upcoming Meetings

Click Meetings on the home screen.

View Recorded Meetings

Click Meetings on the home screen.

Log In or Out of Multi-Line Hunt Group from ENA SmartUC Mobile

To log in or out of a Multi-Line Hunt Group using ENA SmartUC Mobile, dial *96 and follow the prompts.

Note: You will need to know the number of the Multi-Line Hunt Group(s) of which you are a member.